Richard Juhlin writes about the 2003 vintage in ChampagneBubbles from Above

‘It is at last beginning to be time to evaluate the much-discussed champagne vintage of 2003 at this point when almost all the wines of that vintage have been out on the market for a while since they are now eight years of age. In Champagne, most people were in agreement that they would not make any vintage wines at all from that year’s vintage which was at first considered to be a failure, and if they tried to do so anyway contrary to expectation then they viewed the wines mostly as curiosities and experiments. I personally consider that this year of summer heat is particularly interesting to follow up since this curiosity of a wine might well turn out to be a normal vintage in the future if the greenhouse effect develops as dramatically as people prophesy. With the two most recent bitterly cold winters freshly in mind we might not allow ourselves to be convinced as unanimously by the worst terror scenario that has been presented, even if it is impossible to reject the changes in climate completely as being the fruits of natural cycles without the influence of human beings. Regardless of conviction and climate ideology, it is most probable that extremely warm years with harvests as early as August like in 2003 will appear more often than before and that classically slender, dry, slowly-developing, graceful beauties harvested at the end of September will become more and more rare.’


To read the full article You need to be a member of Champagne Club and log on to champagnecllub.com.

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