Tip of the week: do You look for a place to search för tasting notes for the fine wines of the world? Like The Wine Advovate, Wine Spactator, The Platter Guide, Allen Meadows’ Burghound ocr Richard Juhlin Champagne Club? All these are fine but now You have a community that share it’s notes among it’s users.

Dom Pérignon1


Have an easy access via internet to your wine tasting notes where ever you are.

Tastingbook is specially designed for iPad and other tablets.

Make a tasting note easy and fast – just in 20 seconds

Share notes, pictures, and thoughts with your friends, colleagues and wine professionals

Find the most up-to-date tasting notes and pictures from all the finest and rarest wines

Taste wines using your own language – English, Chinese, Français, Deutsch, Espanol, Portugues, Suomi, Svenska

Easily find educational and entertaining information about the wines, producers, vintages etc.


‘Why Thetastingbook? …. Finally this is what I’ve been looking for. A platform where I can collect and share all my tasting notes with friends, colleagues and winelovers all over the world …’



250 professionals from 26 coutries have samples over 21 000 tastingnotes, from the worlds best wines, over 11 000 pictures from the actual tasted bottles and wineries, over 2 000 artcles about vintages, wineries, histiry etc.

Think about how large it will be in one or two years time! Both Richard (Champagne) and Björnstierne (champagne, Bordeaux and fine wines from all over the world) will share their tastingnotes in the community.

Others that will share their notes:

Andreas Larsson, sommelier, Swedish Champion, Nordic Champion, Europeean Champion, and  World Champion.

Gérard Basset, sommelier World Champion & owner and CEO of Terra Vina Hotels

Juha Lithonen, Editor in chief of Fine Wine Magazine

Essi AvellanMaster of Wine & Editor in chief of Fine Champagne

Pekka Nuikki, International photographer & Editor in chief of Fine Wine Magazine

John Kapon, CEO and auctioneer at Acker Merrall & Condit

Click here to check out thetastingbook.

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