The champagne weekend continued with an evening deicated to jeroboams … Dukat bord

HENRIOT ‘VINOTHÈQUE’ 1966 by jeroboam | 45PN 55CH | 92(94) Points

TASTINGNOTE ‘An Henriot as clear as a bell with a wonderfully beautiful aroma spectrum dominated by floral tones. The flavour has a good bite and the impression is characterized by minerals. Still a very young wine.’

HENRIOT ‘VINOTHÈQUE’ 1995 by jeroboam | 45PN 55CH | 93(94) Points

TASTINGNOTE ‘I like this classic Champagne very much. Certainly the wine is, from start to finish, a touch too discreet, but this textbook concoction possesses a rarely seen elegance among blended Champagnes. The Champagne exhibits a sophisticated depth of autolytic aromas and a crystal-clear, lemony-fresh, Chardonnay palate. Handsome and distinguished, like a lighter version of the great vintages from Veuve Clicquot.’

HENRIOT ‘VINOTHÈQUE’ 1985 by jeroboam | 55PN 45CH | 96(96) Points

TASTINGNOTE ‘It is a never-ending piece of theatre to witness the transformation that certain champagnes go through when they are allowed to remain as a chrysalis for a few extra years in the cellars of the producers, before arriving on the dining-table of the consumer. This 85 is a highly normal if very good champagne in its usual garb. Now, as a late release and like a great sportsman who has been pumped up at a training camp, it is so beautiful that it takes one’s breath away. The aroma is a blend of the toasted, smoky 76 and the elegant 79. In the middle of the toastiness there is a Charles Heidsieck-like orange complexity to luxuriate in. The aftertaste is not especially long and the concentration could have been greater, but one’s enjoyment is nearly maximal on condition that one may take great gulps! More serious and more meanly ascetic in a slowly developing Jeroboam. Last time a lot of similarities with the mushrom notes of Bollinger RD.’

Belle Epoque the photosession

PERRIER-JOUËT ‘BELLE EPOQUE’ 1985 by jeroboam | 40PN 30PM 30CH | 93(94) Points

TASTINGNOTE ‘There doesn’t exist a more elegant cuvée Champagne than this! The wine is full of young, subtle nuances. If you know, for example, how beautifully the ’73 develops, you’ll understand how enlarged these aromas become with age. Today, you are met by a scent reminiscent of a bouquet of flowers in spring, as well as a rich but restrained fruit aroma backed up by vanilla, coffee, and saffron. A real hit at the Millennium Tasting.’

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