So me and Richard had the oppoturnity to taste a, for us, new producer: Champagne Savart from Écueil.

PRODUCER PROFILE Savart, wich Richard rates as a *** (***) producer is a RM, Récoltant Manupulant. Frédrick Savart is a garagiste with a tiny production who let nature speak freely from the small and neglected premier cru-village Sacy. The wines are fine, clear and intense in the biodynamic school. Non of the wines have gone through malolactic fermentation, which is obvious on the palate when You taste them.

Savart by crédits photo : Michaël BOUDOT

crédits photo : Michaël BOUDOT

SAVART ‘MILLÉSIME’ 2008  | 60PN 40CH | TASTINGNOTE ‘4 200 bottles produced. Extremely impressive champagne even though I put it alongside a Clos des Goisses. Natural primordial and stylish aplomb. Burgundy-like fruit and nutty-sounding long aftertaste.’ 87(90) points

SAVART ‘CALLIOPE” 2006  | 60PN 40CH | TASTINGNOTE ‘Tirage in April’07, Dégorgement  3rd of august’12. 400 bottles produced! At the moment slightly less impressive than 2008, but still a natural purity that fascinates high level. Caressing and airy at the same time. Aromatic and fresh with beautiful shades of yellow freshly picked plums.’ 83(87) points


Läs mer om Savart hos den svenska nätvinbutiken Caviste som säljer Savarts champagner. (in Swedish)

Läs även om Caviste och Savart på VinThomas blogg. (in Swedish)

Mer intressant läsning om Savart på PerfectWines. (in Swedish)

lf 14/03/12 recup fichier joelle

3 thoughts on “Champagne Savart

  1. Savart is superb new maker. Wines already excellent and getting better. Definitely one to follow. If you have not tried his other cuvees yet you should make a point of doing it soon

    • Glad to see that you followed up on them. I think he is a futre “super star” seems to have the “magic touch”. Have you tried Coessens and Pierre Paillard? If not I recmmend you do.

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