ABOUT BONNAIRE The largest individual producer in Cramant was originally called Bonnaire-Bouquemont, and for three decades Bonnaire has provided us with some of the creamiest Chardonnay wines the world has ever seen. A few years ago Jean-Louis Bonnaire moved his office and reception down to the ultra-modern plant in the middle of the village’s vine rows. He owns a few of Cramant’s best locations, and the grapes from here are always used in the vintage wine or the Cuvée Prestige. These wines in particular are among the area’s real charmers, if they are given about ten years in the cellar. Malolactic fermentation is used, and thus the wines gain a buttery, mature character in their youth, but the acidity is always very high, lifting the wines up to an exotic wealth in their middle age and a splendid nutty fullness when mature. Bonnaire make textbook Cramant for the sensualist.


Champagne / France / Bonnaire / 30 Pinot Noir 30 Pinot Meunier 40 Chardonnay / SBNR
7342 / 239 sek / 80 POINTS
TASTING NOTE: ‘Fresh and healthy, but basic. Save your money for the Blanc de Blancs. Somewhat rounder lately.’


Champagne / France / Bonnaire / 100 Chardonnay / Beställningssortimentet SBNR
75878 / 329 sek / 85 POINTS
TASTING NOTE ‘Lighter and less concentrated than the vintage wine, but wonderfully enjoyable and pure, with a tense taste of citrus fruits that will develop well in the cellar. Bleakroe from Kalix tonight!’

Champagne / France / Bonnaire / 100 Chardonnay / Beställningssortimentet SBNR
77441 / 372 sek / 91 POINTS
TASTING NOTE ‘A new brilliant standard champagne made using oak barrels. The style is fairly oxidative with aromas of plum, banana and rooted-for apples. Still very good however, full-bodied and oaky. Totally mature at once.’

I’ve always been very fond of the Champagne from Bonnaire. It’s really great to lineup this trio in my kitchen during cooking my dinner and to taste the three different styles of multivintage bubbles from this very good domaine that shows the greatness of the Cramant-terroir.

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