Head winemaker Mathieu Kauffmann were supposed to come to  Stockholm to host at Bollinger La Grande Année Rosé-vertikal @ Villa Källhagen. Unfortunately he was home in Aÿ with a fever so the export manager Frederic Reuter came instead. Recentliy I, Björnstierne, had the opportunity to taste the new vintages of both La Grande Année and Vieiles Vignes Françaises. Read more about it here.

Bollinger, fat

BOLLINGER ‘ROSÉ’  | 2007 base  | 62PN 24PM 14CH | about 50 euros |  495 sek  | TASTINGNOTE ‘They have spiced the white standard champagne with a little delicious red wine from the most famous locality at Aÿ. The result is a modern and charmingly easy-to-drink, elegant rosé that can at first glance be mistaken for rosé wines from less personal houses. When aired, Bollinger’s famous nutty and apple-influenced complexity appears, reminding one that this is not any old nightclub bubbly but rather an excellent gastronomic wine.’ 83(87) RJ POINTS

BOLLINGER ‘LA GRANDE ANNÉE ROSÉ’ 1996  | 73PN 27CH  |  about 150 euros  | TASTINGNOTE ’It took a few minutes in the glass before the note of a sauna, along with smoke and a mushroomy aroma, revealed their origin. Only just before, the wine had seemed like a juicy, creamy, softly Chardonnay-dominated charmer.’ 93(94) RJ

BOLLINGER ‘LA GRANDE ANNÉE ROSÉ’ 1999  | 65PN 35CH  |  about 110 euros  | TASTINGNOTE ‘Utterly marvellous right from the beginning. Full of sweet fruit, marzipan, integrated barrel character and several layers of mashed strawberry “Burgundyness”. No-one with any sense can avoid falling like a ton of bricks for this splendid, generous specimen. Certain bottles are considerably younger and more introvert.’ 92(94) RJ

BOLLINGER ‘LA GRANDE ANNÉE ROSÉ’ 2002 | 68PN 32CH  | about 90 euros | disgorged Osctober 2011  | TASTINGNOTE ‘A marvelous rosé for the vintage. The shy hint of red wine, cherries, oak and tobacco can be found already. With maturity it will be much more polished and deeper.’ 91(94) RJ

BOLLINGER ‘LA GRANDE ANNÉE ROSÉ’ 2004 | 68PN 32CH  |  about 90 euros  |  disgorged September 2012  | TASTINGNOTE ’7-8 percent still red wine of Pinot Noir from the vineyard La Côte aux Enfants was added before the second fermentation took place before bottlling. The wine was matured on its lees for at least six years, which is significantly longer than the minimum of three years for a vintage Champagne. During this process, real stoppers was used in the bottles, in contrast to the practice of “crown caps”. This is considered giving greater protection against oxidation. After disgorgement, which happens manually a very scarce dosage (the conventional addition of sugar) of 7-9 g / l, which perhaps gives the driest and most powerful rosé Champagne on the market.  A little young berry notes from the added red wine disturb a little bt at the moment.A little berry young notes from the added red wine disturb the overall impression at the moment. Otherwise, the wine is well-rounded creamy, harmonious with classic Burgundian Pinot smoky and nutty Bollinger touch.’  90(93) RJ POINTS

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