Richard was interviewed this week about non-vintage Champagne. he was asked, ‘ What to look for in a good champagne?’ Below You can read his answer:

champagne007 (kopia)

‘First of all it is an underestimated fact that taste is individual and that quality can only fully be appreciated after practice and education. Being a champagne maker trying to make a perfect non-vintage is always an act of balance between pure quality, house style and listening to the taste of your clients. So to put it shortly. A good non-vintage champagne Is one that people like to drink. 

For me a champagne educated and demanding man by now I look for other things. Such as balance, elegance, depth and aromatic complexity. My favorites can represent different styles but thus criterias mentioned should always be full filled. It can be flowery, fruity, gamey, toasted, light or fullbodied but always reflecting the chalky terroir and have a balanced, elegant and multi-dimentional taste.’

Lidingö 26th of June

Richard Juhlin

5 thoughts on “What to look for in a good champagne?

  1. Hi Richard
    I agree with the general thrust of your commnetary.
    Would be very intereting to see your list of favourite NV wines by category/style group.

  2. Top 10 Regular Non-Vintage Champagnes from the Champagne Houses

    1 Gosset Grande Réserve 83p
    2 Henriot Souverain Brut 83p
    3 Bollinger Special Cuvée 82p
    4 Roederer Brut Premier 82p
    5 Jacquesson Perfection 81p
    6 Deutz Brut Classic 80p
    7 Pol Roger Brut 80p
    8 Billecart-Salmon Brut 80p
    9 Gosset Brut Excellence 80p
    10 Veuve Clicquot Brut 79p

  3. Top 10 Non-Vintage Champagnes all categories
    Non-Vintage all categories

    1 Moët & Chandon Les Sarments d`Aÿ 90
    2 De Sousa Caudalies 89p
    3 Selosse Extra Brut 89p
    4 Selosse Originale 87p
    5 Jérome Prévôst Lieux Dits 87p
    6 Egly-Ouriet Blanc de Noirs 87p
    7 Billecart-Salmon Blanc de Blancs 87p
    8 Egly-Ouriet Cuvée Spéciale 86p
    9 Chèvres Pierreuses 86p
    10 Jérome Prévost Closerie 86p

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