Summer is the time for replays on the TV. I had not seen the latest Bond movie ‘Skyfall’. Bollinger ranks arguably as one of the finest wine houses in Champagne, and it is no wonder that a certain James Bond enjoys this exclusive drink in their films. Of course I poured the Bollinger ‘La Grande Année’ 2004 in the glass and sank into the armchair ….

2012-11-02 01.41.17

TASTING NOTE ‘Bollinger makes the heaviest and richest of all the Champagnes. The first fermentation takes place as usual in oak barrels and the final blend contains wines from 16 different villages, all Grand Cru (88%) or Premier Cru (12%). Their wines are always a smoky and fragrant hazelnut complexity that is hard to beat. Since the year 1990 made ​​vintage wines from Bollinger in a little fruitier more scented with peaches  with slightly less pronounced smokiness and nuttiness. The 04 is super comfortable with a lovely balance and accessible creaminess of chocolate and nutty undertones already. It can surely be kept for a very long  time in the cellar  and despite its early charm.’

The speakers? Theme song from Adele …


BOLLINGER ‘LA GRANDE ANNÉE’ 2004 Aÿ / Champagne / France / Bollinger / 66% Pinot Noir and 34% Chardonnay / RJPOINTS 90(94) points

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