Spent a Saturday with my dear friends Johnnie & Susie from the Champagne Club. After some relaxing swimming and diving  from their pier we needed some refreshements.

AdD'02 BW

IN THE GLASS? DEUTZ ‘AMOUR de DEUTZ’ 2002 | 100CH | Aÿ | RJpoints 94(96) | TASTING NOTE ‘The vineyards used are the same as for the usual Blanc de Blancs: 60 percent Mesnil, 35 percent, and 5 percent Villers-Marmery. It is primarily the choice of individual grapes from old vines that justifies the high price. Despite high acidity there is a grand, concentrated creaminess that can only come from old vines or from a truly great year, as 2002. Only 15,000 bottles were produced of this vintage. Moore developed than the latest rather shy vintages, such as ’98 & ’99. But sipping the last few drops thirty minutes later made me convinced of the sheer class and hidden potential of this wine. The bouquet is gentle and shy but with loads of future beauty behind the curtain. The massive structure on the palate is indeed impressive as is the length and concentration. Do not walk in the footsteps of Madonna. This is not a wine for direct consumption. It is made to age in beauty like the singing star herself.’


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