The man who runs Gatinois today, Pierre Cheval and his son Louis , reserves their greatest pride for his red wine from Aÿ. Together with Bollinger, Gosset-Brabant, and Gotourbe, he is alone in making an Aÿ rouge. The Gatinois family have been winemakers in Aÿ since 1696 and own twenty-nine pieces of land in Aÿ with a total area of seven hectares. Half of the harvest is sold annually to the neighbors, Bollinger. Gatinois produces classic Aÿ Champagne that takes many years to reach full maturity. Keep everything you can buy many years in your cellar.



IN THE GLASS? GATINOIS ‘BRUT TRADITION’ | 80PN 20CH | Aÿ | RJpoints 76(80) | TASTING NOTE ‘He is very skillful, our good Pierre Cheval. Dark copper colour, faint nose of leather and plums. Good, acidic, pure and one-dimensional flavour of red apples. Very powerful right now.’

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