I was invited by a producer from Fronsac to have lunch with him when he was in Stockholm. We wanted something light and fresh so we went to Berns Asiatiska at Berzeliipark.  This is an establishemant that has changed over the years. I went here för the clubs in the mid ’80s when I started going out and dancing and cocktails was my main interest for at good night out. Mid ’90s we went for the show ‘Glenn Killing i manegen’.

Being served.jpg_00000.preview

We ordered some sushi and wanted to drink some wine with it. Since Fronsac and Sushi isn’t the best om combos we looked in the wine list. They have an interesting wine list with 27 references from Champagne.

We ordered a bottle of PERRIER-JOUËT ‘GRAND BRUT’  | Épernay | Champagne | Frankrike | Perrier-Jouët | importör: Pernod-Ricard | SBNR 82654 pris: 389 sek | 40PN 15PM 45CH | BJpoints 77(83) | TASTING NOTE ‘Richards friends loved to serve this champagne blind for him earlier on, when the aroma of superglue was distinct. Nowadays it is well-made with good structure and pure, elegant fruitiness. Alain Terrier has even succeeded in squeezing clean sheets into this wine of late. Almost burgundy barrel-ish in Paris in 2005, when it passed the oh so important 80-point mark for the first time. Worse quality in 2006, unfortunately. But better than ever in 2010.’


press photos from berns.se

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