World’s most expensive Champagnes come from this small estate which few have seen but that many speak about. Boërl & Kroff was founded by Stephane Sesé and Patrick Sabaté with only one vision, to create the best Champagnes ever made. The Champagnes are made ​​exclusively on magnums (3000 bottles/year) with 1995 as the premiere vintage (an exception is the “B” range, produced ​​in 6000 regular bottles in years when the B & K magnums are not). Thanks to the cooperation with Michel Drappier, Stephane Sesé and Patrick Sabaté have an exclusive access to grapes grown in Drappiers three prime vineyards – Les Égrillés, Le Montouillet and La Belle Haie – from which they extract an essence according to all quality standards. A small part is fermented in oak barrels and harvest yield is kept to a minimum to maintain the highest quality possible. The wines holds a high concentration and they are extremely intense and well-made.


BOËRL & KROFF ‘VINTAGE’ 1995 | Urville | Champagne | France  | 90PN 3PM 7CH | Swdish importer: Theis Vine | MAGNUM  4 000 € | TASTING NOTE ‘The first vintage of this wine from La Belle Haie, Egrillés and Montouillet. 3000 magnums made ​​and sold at a price which is highest in the whole of Champagne. Slowly developing well with extremely charming style. Super Elegant and delicious buttery fat. Will mint scented with time in the glass and has always a nice paradox between mushroom tones and citrus.’  RJpoints 90(90)

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