This weekend I was invited to a dinner with some sommelier friends. We played the game of ‘blind tasting’ during the full dinner. We always starts at the chef’s table with Pata Negra Bellota och potato chips with champagne.

I started out by serving a grand bottle of CHARLES HEIDSIECK ‘ BLANC de MILLENAIRE’ 1995 |  Reims  |  France  |  150€ | 100CH | TASTING NOTE ‘Heidsieck’s new cuvée de prestige is a constant winner at blind tastings all over the world. So silky-smooth and with such intensive nut toffee! The toastiness is there, but lying swimming in an oily nectar which prevents it from really making its way forward as it does in many other vintages. Pretty mousse and uplifting charm.’ RJpoints 93(94)

Charles Heidsieck Bland de Millenaires95

But after that I liked to play around with my friends. I served a quadruple of sparkling wines that I was pretty sure that they haven’t tasted before.


RIDGEVIEW ‘BLOOMSBURY ‘ 2010  |  Sussex  |  England  |  25£ | 20PN 20PM 60CH | TASTING NOTE ‘A Chardonnay dominant blend which is supported by the fullness of Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. A light gold colour with a fine  mousse. Citrus aromas and a hint of tropical fruit and honey. The Chardonnay brings out finesse, along with crisp fruit freshness and some toasty notes.’ BJpoints 86(88)


RIDGEVIEW ‘CAVENDISH’ 2010  |  Sussex  |  England  |  25£ | 34PN 33PM 33CH | TASTING NOTE ‘Like the majority of Champagnes, Cavendish is a blend of all three varieties dominated by the red fruits of Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Golden straw colour and fine bubbles. The nose is full of hints red fruits. The pinot dominance brings depth and complexity to the wine with a long lasting finish. The Chardonnay adds finesse and freshness.’  BJpoints 88(91)


RIDGEVIEW ‘GROSVENOR BLANC de BLANCS’ 2010 |  Sussex  |  England  |  33£ | 100CH | TASTING NOTE ‘A delicate pale gold with silvery highlights. Persistent bubbles giving an exceptional mousse. The bouquet is subtle with a suggestion of honey and brioche which will become more noticeable with aging. The palate has a nice attack which makes this wine  refreshing, with citrus and white tropical fruits . A lovely balanced.’ BJpoints 90(94)

2013-11-23 14.58.37-1

RIDGEVIEW ‘KNIGHTSBRIDGE BLANC de NOIRS’ 2010 |  Sussex  |  England  |  33£ | 50PN 50PM | TASTING NOTE ‘A blend of only red grapes, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. A lovely deep golden colour with a persistent fbubbles. Expressive red fruit aromas followed by a rich complex palate that is balanced by a impressive freshness. The finish is long lasting and beautifully balanced.’ BJpoints 91(93)

 Swedish importer: Triplus

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