Sometimes You hear a song that grabs a hold of Your heart. What You don’t realize is that You are experiencing a second version, a cover, of something that You feel is something grand and fantastic. The swedish singer Papa Dee was interviewed when he realeaced ‘The tide is high’ and the journalist said ‘it’s fantastic that You’re making a cover of the blondie-song!’ ‘Blondie?’ he replied … ‘Oh no, it’s The Paragons version from the sixties.’

I had the exact experience with the following trio. But I must say that I love Titiyos version from 2013 from the Swedish TVshow ‘Så mycket bättre’.

nr1 – CAPTAIN BEEFHEART – Bluejeans & moonbeams originally released in 1974.

IN THE GLASS? DEUTZ ‘VINOTHÈQUE’ 1974 | Aÿ  | Champagne | Frankrike | Deutz | 50PN 10PM 40CH | RJ TASTING NOTE ‘I had low expectations of this recently disgorged wine from this poor vintage. Especially since I had received reports about a young, fresh, but really insipid, thin wine. My impression was quite the opposite. A great, super-gorgeous nut chocolate bouquet with masses of wood, roasted coffee and toffee-ish sweet fruitiness. A metallic, pure, steely acid and fine mousse are beautifully wrapped up in oily maturity and ravishingly stately elegance. Reminiscent of Piper’s Florens-Louis..’  RJpoints 94(94)

Captain Beefheart

nr2 – LILL LINDFORS – Blåjeans & stjärnljus originally released in 1975. Swedish text by Pugh Rogerfeldt.

IN THE GLASS? DEUTZ ‘VINOTHÈQUE BLANC de NOIRS’ 1975 MAGNUM | Aÿ  | Champagne | Frankrike | Deutz | 100PN | RJ TASTING NOTE ‘This wine that was too good to be sold and that is only intended for internal use has been made available for me to taste thanks to the generosity of Fabrice Rosset. The recently disgorged magnum is at its best after decanting and is surprisingly light in colour. Fairly soon the most beautiful Pinot aromas start to bombard one’s nose. Distinct layers of satiny-smooth strawberry essence, leather, liquorice, roasted nuts and gunpowder smoke make their appearance with accelerating strength. A masterly wine to follow for many decades in the future… RJpoints 99(99)

Lill Lindfors

nr3 – TITIYO JAH – Blåjeans & stjärnsljus originally released in 2013.

IN THE GLASS? DEUTZ ‘AMOUR de DEUTZ’ 1993 | Aÿ  | Champagne | Frankrike | Deutz | 100CH | RJ TASTING NOTE ‘The vineyards used are the same as for the usual Blanc de Blancs: 60 percent Mesnil, 35 percent Avize, and 5 percent Villers-Marmery. It is primarily the choice of individual grapes from old vines that justifies the high price. Despite high acidity there is a grand, concentrated creaminess that can only come from old vines or from a truly great year, something that 1993 hardly was. Only 15,000 bottles were produced of this greenish-yellow wine with its sparkling, bubbly mousse. The nose is very distinct: white flowers, lime, and a nascent nuttiness. Super-refreshing and creamy, with elegant fruit and streaks of vanilla.’  RJpoints 87(92)

Titiyo Jah

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