Our dear and lovely friend Isabelle Diebolt of Champagne Diebolt-Vallois hosted a Champagne breakfast at the Champagne Club for some journalists and sommeliers.


2006 Diebolt-Vallois ’Fleur de Passion’ | Cramant ChampagneFrance | 100CH | BJ 89(94)

TASTING NOTE Considerably weaker oak influence than usual. Throughout the entire experience is a steel like purity and a delicate youthful aroma of yellow plum and yellow apples. Beneath the surface lurks a depth of vanilla and spices . Certainly this enjoyable, but given how rare these bottles are, they should be stored at least five years after the launch to convert the volatile floral unit to classical nuttiness.

2004 Diebolt-Vallois ’Fleur de Passion’  | Cramant Champagne | France | 100CH |  BJ 93(93)

TASTING NOTE Young and graceful with chiselled elegance and floral beauty. Some oakiness starting to emerge. Suddenly grand and a year later rocky and mineral salty.

2002 Diebolt-Vallois ’Fleur de Passion’ Cramant Champagne | France | 100CH |  BJ 93(95)

TASTING NOTE Extremely young and floral with a massive oakiness and great seriousness at present. Tough acidic. Beautiful roundness started to develop summer 2010. Later more toasty, almost pinot-like smokiness.

2000 Diebolt-Vallois ’Fleur de Passion’  | Cramant Champagne | France | 100CH  BJ 91(91)

TASTING NOTE Stille very influenced by the oak. A lot of pear aromes and flowery notes with unique personality. A wonderful champagne with a lot of freschnes and layers.

1999 Diebolt-Vallois ’Fleur de Passion’  | Cramant Champagne | France | 100CH  BJ 93(94)

TASTING NOTE It is of course extremely difficult to predict what will happen with this youngster. A somewhat prickly svavelton meets the nose initially because the wine did not undergo malolactic fermentation. Large round exotic fruit and eminent purity. Mineral finesse. Today great creamyness . Last almost Bollinger-like.

1998 Diebolt-Vallois ’Fleur de Passion’  | Cramant Champagne | France | 100CH  BJ 94(95)

TASTING NOTE Surprising style that differs completely from other vintages of this wine. It is extremely easily drunk, even though it still has a few years before being released onto the market. Lightly roasted, smiling Dom Pérignon-ish flavor with a large dollop of passion fruit. Very good and charming.

1997 Diebolt-Vallois ’Fleur de Passion’  | Cramant Champagne | France | 100CH  BJ 89(89)

TASTING NOTE Slightly greener nose than usual. Mild, harmonic palate that still feels a bit neutral. The weakest Passion yet. Nevertheless, a first-class, concentrated, and delightful wine.

1996 Diebolt-Vallois ’Fleur de Passion’ | Cramant Champagne | France | 100CH  BJ 94(96)

TASTING NOTE A wine that Jacques has made in his most passionate way. This is supreme Champagne with purity, oak aroma, and power. Which one is more supreme, the ’95 or the’96, I leave for the future to decide. Today the oaky ’95 is more impressive, but the elegance in this wine is difficult to beat.

1985 Diebolt-Vallois ’Cuis Oenothèque’  | Cramant Champagne | France | 100CH  BJ 93(93)

TASTING NOTE Since Jacques Diebolt has bought up the entire family stock of Guy Vallois’s older undisgorged vintages, he has the right to label them Diebolt-Vallois. This wine is actually made by Vallois and comes from Cuis. The difference is that Jacques has disgorged the bottles and added a small dosage of three grams of sugar. For the time being, the wine is almost identical, with the same attributes of cream and passion fruit as the aromatic guiding stars. The aftertaste of this deep and elegant Champagne exudes summery feelings of strawberry and whipped cream.

1976 Diebolt-Vallois ’Cuis Oenothèque’  | Cramant Champagne | France | 100CH  BJ 93(93)

TASTING NOTE This is a great wine that comes from Guy Vallois in Cuis, but which has been disgorged and dosed by Jacques Diebolt and thus carries his name—that’s how strange the laws in Champagne are. The wine is deliciously butterscotchy and exotically rich with tons of browned butter and créme-brûlée tones. Big and impressive, as you would expect from this warm year. In regular bottle a bit up and down but in magnums really great and consistent.


Scrambled eggs with Avruga-caviar on rye

Fried sourdougbaguette with smoked salmon and crème och leeks

Serrano on mini-croissant with avocado & olive oil

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