Champagne expert Richard Juhlin hosted the greatest tasting of the Cuvée Prestige Champagnes ever arranged – ‘The Juhlin Tasting 2014’. 2012 the theme was Blanc de Blancs & 2013 it was time for the world’s 100 best rosé champagnes. 50 of the best grower champagnes and the 50 absolute best houses were tasted blindly. The jury was set up by eight highly skilled members of the Champagne Club. Amongst them our champagne writer, champagne blogger, champagne lover  & sommelier Björnstierne Antonson.

Champagne Club

THE RICHARD JUHLIN TASTING LIBRARY  is the world’s largest independent member database of tasted and rated Champagnes. Richard Juhlin is continuously cataloging all sampled Champagnes in real time, which gives you a great treasure to explore! Nowadays, the database contains more than 8700 unique tasting notes.

Richard Juhlin are continually and promptly adding tasting notes, and other relevant facts, on all tasted Champagnes. Everything is included and can be methodically and efficiently searched for specific information, or just a quiet read, enjoy and be inspired by Juhlin texts.

Each ‘tasting note’ contains information about a specific Champagne. From the producer and in which village the producer is located, vintage, when it is tested, the composition of grapes, which point Richard Juhlin has given the Champagne during the test, and the wine’s maximum potential future credit for optimum storage. Of course, also included Juhlins uniquely personal description of a wine.

To get access to the tasting notes of Richard Juhlin You need to be a member in Champagne Club.


The primary purpose of the champagne club is to be a serious global source of freshly updated information about the world of champagne. A membership will give you unlimited access to the unique Richard Juhlin Tasting Library, functioning as your informational hub. Here you can read about, and search among, over 8 000 different champagnes, including Mr Juhlin´s tasting notes and the grades he has awarded each wine, both for current and potential character. On the same day that he has tasted a new champagne, you, as a member, can go in and read about the wine in question. If you have doubts when purchasing, or want to know how the bottles in your own wine cellar are progressing, you can stay au jour with notes on the development of thousands of champagnes over time.

Because Mr Juhlin deals with so much more than just sparkling wines, you will also get a chance to read about other wines, restaurants and gastronomic experiences that appeal to his nose and palette. Through the club you will also find it easier to take part in some of the tours that are organized, as well as have the chance to meet kindred spirits either on the Internet or at tastings and other events that are continually arranged.


korkar på parad

CUVÉE PRÉSTIGE CHAMPAGNE Prestige Champagnes are usually the firms most expensive wines and should be the essence of the very best the producers can perform. Prestige Champagnes is almost always the wines that each firm considers to be their “top of the line”, but no law in the world can prevent them from package a simple standard Champagne in a showy bottle and then shout from the rooftops that this is the house’s crown jewel.

PARTICIPATING PRODUCERS Salon, Krug, Jacques Selosse, Veuve Clicquot, Louis Roederer, Pol Roger, Taittinger, Charles Heidsieck, Ruinart, Perrier-Jouët, Deutz, Dom Pérignon, Claude Cazals, Charles Heidsieck, Piper-Heidsieck, R & L Legras, Bollinger, Laurent-Perrier, Henriot, Pommery, Léclapart, Pierre Peters, de Sousa, Diebolt-Vallois, Deutz, Perrier-Jouët, Guy Charlemagne, Philipponnat, Vilmart, Mumm, Agrapart, Billecart-Salmon, Gosset, Jacquesson & Fils, Joseph Perrier, Duval-Leroy. Gimmonet, Egly-Ouriet, Henri Giraud, Philippe Gonet, Lanson, Bonnaire, J-L Vergnon, Alfred Gratien, R.H. Coutier, Cattier, Paul Bara, de Venoge, Palmer, Dampierre, Michel Genet, Gonet-Medeville, Gosset-Brabant, Lasalle, Tarlant, Drappier, Veuve Fourny, Roger Brun, Henri Abelé, Leclerc-Briant, Mailly, H. Billot, Georges Vessellse, Marguet, Dehours, Paul Déthune, Lamiable, Pascal Doquet, Bourdaire-Gallois, Michel, Gonet, Legras & Haas, Michel Arnould, Chartogne-Taillet, Canard-Duchêne, José Michel, Colin, Ayala, Charles Ellner, Thienot, Ployez-Jacquemart, Michel Turgy, Mandois, Boizel, Roger Coulon, Beaumont de Crayeres, Lenoble, Jacquart, Goutorbe, Launois, Tornay, Loriot, Maillart, André Clouet, Coessens, Nicolas Feuilatte, Roland Champion, Telmont, Nominée-Renard, Gimmonet, Hebrart, Gaston Chicquet, Esterlin, Paul Bara, Bruno Paillard, Jean Milan



  1. Salon – 2002 Cuvée ‘S’ de Salon  (95) 97
  2. Louis Roederer – 2006 Cristal (95) 96,5
  3. Dom Pérignon – 2004 Cuvée Dom Pérignon (95)96,5
  4. Taittinger – 2005 Comtes de Champagne (95)96,5
  5. Jacques Selosse – mv Substance (96)96
  6. Krug – mv Grande Cuvée (94)95,5
  7. Pol Roger – 2000 Cuvée Sir winston Churchill (94)95,5
  8. Veuve Clicquot – 2004 La Grande Dame (93,5)95
  9. Perrier-Jouët – 2002 Belle Epoque Blanc de Blancs (93) 95
  10. Piper-Heidsieck – 2002 Rare (93)95


  1. Salon – 2002 Cuvée ‘S’ de Salon – 96,285
  2. Krug – mv Grande Cuvée – 96,071
  3. Jacques Selosse –  mv Substance – 96,000
  4. Veuve Clicquot – 2004 La Grande Dame – 95,571
  5. Louis Roederer – 2006 Cristal – 95,285
  6. Pol Roger – 2000 Cuvée Sir winston Churchill – 95,214
  7. Taittinger – 2005 Comtes de Champagne – 95,142
  8. Charles Heidsieck – 1995 Blanc de Millénaires – 95,000
  9. Ruinart – 2002 Dom Ruinart – 94,714
  10. Perrier-Jouët – 2002 Belle Epoque Blanc de Blancs – 93,857



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