This Saturday our dear friend Marina Olsson, Champagne lover, gathered a group of Champagne connaiseurs at Vinkällaren Grappe in Stockholm for a grand Rosé Champagne tasting.


Moët Rosé 2000

2000 Moët & Chandon ’Rosé’ | Swedish importer: MoëtHennesy | pris:€100 | 41PN 20PM 39CH | RJ 89(91)

TASTING NOTE ‘In this case too Benoit Goues has got off to a flying start. This wine is tremendously inviting and charming right from the beginning. Masses of orange tones and pineapple cleverly woven into the Burgundy-like Pinot essence. Mellow and agreeable and yet refreshingly juicy. One of the most charming and pure young rosés that I have come across from Moët.’

1999 Moët & Chandon ’Rosé’

1999 Moët & Chandon ’Rosé’ | Swedish importer: MoëtHennesy | pris:€100 | 48PN 26PM 26CH | RJ 86(89)

TASTING NOTE ‘A trifle oilier and more compact than the 99, but somewhat less floral. Buttery and exotically rich. Fine strawberry opulence. Moët’s rosé is fantastically reliable nowadays.’

 1990 Deutz ’Rosé’

1990 Deutz ’Rosé’  | Swedish importer: Swedish Brand | 100PN | RJ 90(90)

TASTING NOTE ‘Contains 14 percent red wine from Bouzy. A smooth nose of cream and butterscotch. Softly delicate, laid-back, rich, and fruity flavor of good length.’

 1985 Charles Heidsieck ’Rosé’

1985 Charles Heidsieck ’Rosé’ | Swedish importer: Provinum | pris:€165 | 70PN 30CH | RJ 88(88)

TASTING NOTE ‘Hugely overripe rosé with a loose bready style. A generous, soft, round, and pleasurable flavor that gives a far sweeter impression than the ’83. At the moment, a fine coffee note.’

 2000 Boizel ’Joyau de France Rosé’

2000 Boizel ’Joyau de France Rosé’ | Swedish importer: Miguel Torres | pris:€180 | 65PN 35CH | RJ 90(92)

TASTING NOTE ‘Eight per cent red wine from Cumières. The rest is Pinot Noir from Mailly and Aÿ while the Chardonnay comes from Chouilly, Mesnil and Vertus. The wine is very pale, like a Cristal Rosé. I am very impressed by the strict elegance possessed by the wine in its entirety. There is at the same time a pretty, charming little strawberry sweetness smiling at us.’

 nv Krug ’Rosé’

nv Krug ’Rosé’ | Swedish importer: MoëtHennesy | pris:€400| 55PN 20PM 25CH | RJ 97(97)

TASTING NOTE Old label (88/89base). Krug Rosé is a relatively new invention of the Krug brothers. Their goal was to make a wine with proper style house where the color would be only indication that there had been a rosé. The color is very pale salmon pink, the scent is definitely Krug! Their unmistakable symphony of heavy complex aromas are here backed by a sprinkle of raspberries. This is the best version of the rosé. It’s wonderfully complex with a touch of gunpowder, roasted coffee and the DNA of Krug that You can not miss in a blind tasting.

1995 Jaquesson ’Signature Rosé’


1995 Jacquesson ’Signature Rosé’ | Swedish importer: Vinovum | pris:€300 | 59PN 41CH | RJ 94(94)

TASTING NOTE ‘So far the finest and most subtle vintage of this delightful Champagne! Exactly the same beautiful aromatic profile as before, but with an extra-refined, floral, mineral finesse. Brilliantly “white” in character, but with a superb creaminess despite the wine being very dry. Crispy freshness and clarity with spicy, gamy, barrel notes swirling together with the red-berry aromas in an exquisite dance.’

1999 Deutz ’Cuvee William Deutz Rosé’

1999 Deutz ’Cuvee William Deutz Rosé’ | Swedish importer: Swedish Brand | pris:€200 | 75PN 25CH | RJ 92(94)

TASTING NOTE ‘Yet another magical edition of this wine. Please do not drink it yet. Of course the wine is seductively delicious with its focused strawberry essence, but the layers will split up and they have the potential for becoming even more subtle and captivating with time. Be patient!’ 

 1998 Laurent-Perrier ’Alexandra’

1998 Laurent-Perrier ’Alexandra’  | Swedish importer: Bibendum | pris:€250 | 80PN 20CH | RJ 92(94)

TASTING NOTE ‘They have got it right at last! Tastes like a perfect blend of Dom Ruinart Rosé and Dom Pérignon Rosé. Great and stunning with Corton-like silkiness and pumped-up Pinot fruitiness. There are distinct tones of orange, overripe strawberries, wild raspberries, coffee, goat’s cheese, pink roses and sea in this wine. Brilliant!’ 

1998 Veuve Clicquot ’La Grande Dame Rosé’  

1998 Veuve Clicquot ’La Grande Dame Rosé’ | Swedish importer: MoëtHenssey | pris:€250 | 70PN 30CH | LRJ 93(95)

TASTING NOTE ’15 % Pinot Noir from Clicquot’s best location at Bouzy. Clos Colin is added to the delicate white blend from Verzy, Bouzy, Verzenay, Ambonnay, Avize, Oger and Le Mesnil. A fairytale, elegant and beautifully scintillating champagne with brilliant intensity of colour and felicitously aromatic opulence. A sensual beauty to be drunk at once, but also a superb old lady in the future. Only 10,000 bottles for our thirsty world.’

nv Selosse ’Rosé’  

nv Selosse ’Rosé’ | Swedish importer: Netterberg | pris:€200 | 5PN 95CH | RJ 94(96)

TASTING NOTE Grape Composition (Cepage): Two after one another upcoming vintages of Chardonnay from Avize. In this version (base 2002-2003) Anselme used Pinot Noir from Egly-Ouriet. After 2005, the grapes used of their own vineyard Le Bout du Clos in Ambonnay. On it’s lees for five years before disgorging. Dosage: 0-4 g / l. Modest production: about 500 lådor- 3000 bottles I’m normally not impressed when Blanc de Blancs producers engage themselves in rosé production! With just a hint of orange-red color, this rosé exceeds the most in its category, a unique wine! I love the nose with a nice minerality and small red berries. After it opens up; a touch of iodine and sea water. Fully harmonious – like no other rosé champagne, from a grower I’ve ever tried before. Almost like a white wine, but with a few extra layers of complexity, though it was all beautifully harmonious. The taste is a little less complex and it needs time in the glass. This oxidative treatment really fits rosé champagne. Very Burgundy-like!

 1996 Jaquesson ’Signature Rosé’

1996 Jacquesson ’Signature Rosé’ | Swedish importer: Vinovum | pris:€300 | 59PN 41CH | RJ 94(94)

TASTIG NOTE ‘Unfortunately the last time they make this fantastic cuvée de prestige rosé. They have got tired of blending red wine into their superb cuvées and are nowadays aiming at single vineyard rosé with peel contact. This wine is round and full-bodied with masses of Pinot opulence, but not totally in harmony yet. Its dryness does not as yet make a coherent whole with the wealth of fruitiness. Give this wine plenty of time after disgorging.’

1996 Dom Pérignon ’DP Rosé’


1996 Dom Pérignon ’DP Rosé’ | Swedish importer: MoëtHennsy | pris:€325 | 60PN 40CH | RJ 94(95)

TASTING NOTE ‘Dominated by mineral and stony tones as well as of the vintage acid profile. First on the palate it’s broad layers of sophisticated saturated strawberry and vanilla & polished richness ready to bloom in ten years or so. Already more silky and super-structured.’

1996 Ruinart ’Dom Ruinart Rosé’

1996 Ruinart ’Dom Ruinart Rosé’ | Swedish importer: MoëtHennesy | pris:€300 | 16PN 484CH | RJ 92(95)

TASTING NOTE ‘Surprisingly accessible and mellow right from the start. A lovely aroma of mature wild strawberries and garden strawberries caresses the romantically inclined consumer. Long, creamy and focused with fine freshness in the finish without revealing the 96 acids.’

1990 Ruinart ’Dom Ruinart Rosé’

1990 Ruinart ’Dom Ruinart Rosé’ | Swedish importer: MoëtHennesy | pris:€250 | 15PN 85CH | RJ 95(95)

TASTING NOTE ‘Well-stored bottles are just as good as the Vinothèque version. Deep and creamy with brilliant vitality and Burgundy-like authority.’

1988 Ruinart ’Dom Ruinart Rosé’

1988 Ruinart ’Dom Ruinart Rosé’ | Swedish importer: MoëtHennesy | pris:€285 | 15PN 85CH | RJ 96(96)

TASTING NOTE ‘A sensational super-wine! Probably also the best Dom Ruinart Rosé to be made so far. The Champagne is gorgeously scented, reminding one of a Dom Pérignon Rosé. Beautiful pale orange, mature, flashing color. Deliciously soft-scent spectrum, with sun-ripened, packed fruit and coffee notes in the best Burgundy style. Soft, harmonious, and caressingly tingly in the mouth. Sophisticated big-house style. The red wine comes from Verzy and Verzenay. Fantastic!’

1988 Heidsieck&Monopol ’Diamant Rosé’

1988 Heidsieck&Monopole ’Diamant Rosé’ | Swedish importer: unknown | pris:€200 | 50PN 50CH | RJ 92(92)

TASTING NOTE ‘Completely evolved, deliciously smoky, and radiantly enjoyable with its beautiful, unexpected mix of licorice, orange liqueur, cloudberry, and strawberry flavors. An individual, brilliant prestige rosé that we gladly embrace.’

1976 Tattinger ’Comtes de Champagne Rosé’

1976 Tattinger ’Comtes de Champagne Rosé’ | Swedish importer: Fondberg | pris:€500 | 100PN | RJ 94(94)

TASTING NOTE ‘Fat and sweet with a wonderful concentration. Hardly classic, but with a wonderful explosion of tastes. The nose is completely distinct, with notes of juniper, thyme, pine needle, Sweet Gale, and an intractable strength. The color is unusually dark and the flavor is similar to red Bordeaux.’

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