On Monday night  Björnstierne & restaurant profile Erik Videgård was asked to build a record-breaking champagne tower on the Swedish Restaurant Gala @ Cirkus.

 In January the last tower was built @ Gulddrakengalan 2015. 


1 tower | 2 sommeliers | 506 champagne coups | 92 bottles of champagne | 80 kilos | 1 gala

We started the build at 3pm in the afternoon. The build of the tower took us about 1,5 hour. and the luring of the 113 bottes took about 2 hours. At the end of the gala when all the winners was asked up on stage we served the 650 glasess of Pannier ‘Brut Tradition’.


1 tower | 2 sommeliers | 650 champagne coups | 113 bottles of champagne | 98 kilos | 1 gala evening

photos Björnstierne Antonson & Erik Videgård

Amoung the winner was our dear friend and college Daniel Crespi. He won two titels; Sommelier of the year & Innovator of the year. Congrats Daniel!


photos Alexander H. Rauch-Estreich

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