It’s not often that we see a new Cuvée Prestige to reach the market. Moët & Chandon is realeasing ‘MC111 001.14.’ on the market. RJ has made a preview.

MCIII by Moët & Chandon opens a brand new chapter in the story of Moët & Chandon. The ultimate expression and definitive fusion of the House’s savoir-faire, MCIII represents the pinnacle of winemaking prowess honed for more than 270 years, from Moët Impérial to Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage to Moët Ice Impérial.

MOËT & CHANDON ‘MC111 001.14.’ │40PN15PM45CH│94 (95) points RJ

TASTING NOTE (ENG)  MC stands for to Moët & Chandon. III consists of the trinity where the wine is matured in steel tanks, oak and old reserve wines in glass bottles. This unique cuvée préstige is certainly an exciting new chapter in Moëts history. 001 stands for the first cuvée. 14 is the year of disgorgement. 38% from 2003 in steel tank. 38% from 1998, 2000, 2002 for short time in oak barrels. 24% resere wines bottled from 1993,1998, 1999. Everything refermented (third fermentation of the oldest!) Disgorged in 2014 and 2015.

DN norge Juhlin1

So over to the experience. A beautiful wine with a perfect combination of toasty and silky texture in classic Moët fashion. A sort of cross between mature Dom Pérignon and the Grand Vintage Collection. Large lavering of complexity with dark, deep hints of truffle, cocoa, licorice and coffee integrally combined with sweet crunchy praline notes and soft peach fruit and more uplifting green citrus notes. Creamy and long fine dynamics and tension between the various elements. Reserve wines put a clear stamp on the aroma, while the 03-dominant taste is a little younger though perfectly homogeneous with a sounding acidity and minerality middle of the beads.




MCIII 001.14’s primary stratum (37% – 40%) is made from the metal universe:
the most intense Chardonnay and the most structured Pinot Noir from 2003 that have been fermented and aged in stainless steel vats. This stratum adds an intense fruity wine dimension that turns into a compelling fruitiness evoking the sophisticated and bright sense of summertime in all its richness.



The second stratum (37% – 40%) is made from the wood universe:
Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage blends 1998, 2000 and 2002 that have been partially aged in large oak casks and then preserved in stainless steel vats. This stratum enriches the nal assemblage by preserving a fruity dimension while integrating more elements of transformation and evolution. Blonder and sophisticated notes turn into a captivating palate that evokes images of the autumn season, like a re ned patina built deliberately over time.



The third stratum (20% – 25%) is made from the glass universe: these are champagnes from Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage Collection from 1993, 1998 and 1999, aged in bottle, disgorged and remises en circle. This stratum will complete the perfect balance of the nal assemblage by integrating a dimension that is lively and full of vitality with more roasted notes and depth, turned into an eminent maturity evoking re nement and radiance.


MOËT & CHANDON ‘MC111 001.14.’ │40PN15PM45CH│94 (95) points RJ

TASTING NOTE (SWE) MC står förstås för Moët & Chandon. III utgörs av treenigheten där vinet mognat i stål, ek och gamla reservviner i glas. Detta unika prestigevin är verkligen ett nytt spännande kapitel i Moëts historia. 001 betyder första cuvéen. 14 är degorgeringsåret. 38% från 2003 i ståltank. 38% 1998, 2000, 2002 kort tid på ekfat. 24% reserviner på butelj från 1993,1998, 1999. Alltihop omjäst (tredje jäsningen för de äldsta!) Degorgerat 2014 och avnjutit 2015.

Så till upplevelsen. Ett vackert vin med en perfekt kombination mellan rostning och silkig textur på klassiskt Moëtvis. Ett slags mellanting mellan mogen Dom Pérignon och Grand Vintage Collection. Stor lager på lager-komplexitet med mörka djupa inslag av tryffel, kakao, lakrits och kaffe kombineras integrerat med söta knäckiga pralintoner och persikomjuk frukt och högre upplyftande gröna citrustoner. Krämig och lång med fin dynamik och spänning mellan de olika elementen. Reservvinerna sätter en klar prägel på doften, medan 03-dominerade smaken är lite yngre om än fullkomligt homogen med en klingande syra och minerlaitet mitt i grannlåten.

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