Me and restaurantprofile extraordinaire Erik Videgård (and one of my first sommelier mentors) was asked again, for the third time this year to make a new Swedish record attemt to build a champagnetoner/champagnepyramid, This time at magazine Dagens Nyhetsrs restauranggala Gulddraken 2016.

You can follow the awards ceremony here at 16:00.

The champagne that will be poured is the new orgnaic cuvée from the company – DUVAL-LEROY ‘BRUT ORGANIC’

2016-01-24 10.55.37

Foto: Beatrice Lundborg

RJ OM DIVAL-LEROY Duval-Leroy was for many years the leading light on Buyer’s own brand market. The directors recently decided that the company was to discontinue that type of production and to concentrate on refining their own wines. The company harvests grapes from 60 different villages and uses all the grapes from the second pressing. 35 people care for the vineyards, which are 150 hectares in size, all the year round. The present owners and the woman president, Carol Duval-Leroy, who took over in 1991 after her husband, are all very serious. A programme of modernisation directed towards higher quality is at present being carried out. Hervé Jestin has recently handed over the wine-making to a woman by the name of Sandrine Logette and there is no indication of anything other than that the quality will continue to be improved. The most recent harvests are brilliant. The wines are mellow, creamy and inspiringly fresh. The organic vineyard wines are the tune of the future and the cuvée de prestige, Femme, is a forgotten masterpiece of the absolutely highest class.

2015-12-19 15.18.55

mv DUVAL-LEROY ‘BRUT ORGANIC’ | Vertus | Champagne | France | 25PN 75CH | France | Swedish importer Moestue Grape Selection | Sbnr 77407 | 399 SEK | 85(88)p

TASTING NOTE ‘A light colour, fine mouse. Fresh nose of green apples and stone fruits. The fruit and softness in the aftertaste is very pleasant. Crispy and soft at the same time with a modern touch.’

2015-12-19 15.19.05-1

2006 DUVAL-LEROY ‘BLANC de BLANCS’ | Vertus | Champagne | France | 100CH | France | Swedish importer Moestue Grape Selection | Sbnr 77639 | 449 SEK | 89(92)p

TASTING NOTE ‘Its colour is hihglitened by a persistent stream of fine and bright bubbles. Its elegant palate reveal intense mineral notes with aromas of warm caramelized almond, white peach and hawthorn. Crisp but developed beautiful bdb-style with a balanced finish. Carol Duval-Leroy (owner & CEO) & Sandrine Logette (winemaker) is on the right track here to raise the quality. The most recent harvests are brilliant.’



Café Pascal

Enskedeparkens bageri

Green Rabbit

Haga tårtcompani och bageri


#thechampagnesommelier tips – Café Pascal


Ai Ramen

The Artisan


Katarina ölkafé


#thechampagnesommelier tips – Katarina ölkafé


The Flying Elk

Fotografiskas restaurang

Oaxen slip



#thechampagnesommelier tips – Surfers



Oaxen krog

Omakase köttslöjd

Restaurang Volt


#thechampagnesommelier tips – Omakase köttslöjd




Corner Club

Linje tio



#thechampagnesommelier tips – Bottles



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