Our friends at Clos & Cru will hold a charity auction in support of the Samaritans, a registered UK charity helping people in crisis.

#EnglandMagnum Auction @ClosCru to benefit The Central London Branch of the Samaritans

Charitable Donation

While Clos & Cru is acting as seller, we will be donating all profits above the bottle cost to the Central London branch of the Samaritans, a charity registered in England and Wales (219432) and incorporated in England and Wales as a company limited by guarantee (757372).

Central London Samaritans is the only emotional support service in London open round the clock, every single day of the year. Every year they receive over 100,000 calls for help from people who are struggling to cope. Their volunteers provide a safe space for people to talk about whatever’s troubling them. They listen. And they help people to work through their problems and find the strength to find solutions that work for them. More info here & how to bid here.


– How special is the experience to drink mature champagne

There is nothing better when the maturity is combined with vital freshness. Often that is only granted with vinotheque bottles coming directly from the house.


– What he likes about the 1966 vintage

1966 is one of the greatest vintages ever. It is a quite light but super elegant vintage in the same style as 1979 and 1988. Most bottles are still fantastic but very rarely seen nowadays unfortunately.


– What he likes about Maison Jacquart

Jacquart has always been a very reliable champagne house witch offers splendid value for money in all categories. Even the luxiourus prestige cuvées with their elegant touch of coffee cost less than many regular vintage wines.


– Any memories he had of football being a good force for charity?

Tricky question. But I think football is giving more peace and pleasure on earth than anything else nowadays. Football is the most international language on this planet and all can afford it.


RICHARD JUHLIN ON JACQUART  Today this is one of the largest Champagne producers, despite the fact that the cooperative is only fourty-five years old. When Robert Quantinet originally collected together a group of growers they produced 100,000 bottles. Today that figure is up to four million every year, and the cooperative, with more than 1800 members, controls over 2400 hectares from 60 villages in Marne. Just like Reims’ other cooperative, Palmer, they use the new 8,000-kilo presses at their ultra-modern plant. These well-made wines have a good name among critics. The quality of the grapes is good with an average rating of 96 percent on the cru scale. The winemaker is Florian Eznack. If you find 1990 Nominée in magnum do not hesitate to strike.

Richard Juhlin

‘En mycket häftig och mysterieomsusad flaska. Vad är det för vin i magnumen egentligen? Baksidsetiketten har signaturer från nästan alla av de sällsynta VMhjältarna från 1966 och vinet är rikt, gammalt och fortfarande spänstigt med chokladtoner ihop med citrus.’



MORE INFO?  You can look at the Facebook page for Clos & Cru for details, or You can email for information at sales@closcru.com.



1 GK Gordon Banks 30 December 1937 (aged 28) 27 England Leicester City
2 DF George Cohen 22 October 1939 (aged 26) 24 England Fulham
3 DF Ray Wilson 17 December 1934 (aged 31) 45 England Everton
4 MF Nobby Stiles 18 May 1942 (aged 24) 14 England Manchester United
5 DF Jack Charlton 8 May 1935 (aged 31) 16 England Leeds United
6 DF Bobby Moore (captain) 12 April 1941 (aged 25) 41 England West Ham United
7 MF Alan Ball 12 May 1945 (aged 21) 10 England Blackpool
8 FW Jimmy Greaves 20 February 1940 (aged 26) 51 England Tottenham Hotspur
9 MF Bobby Charlton 11 October 1937 (aged 28) 68 England Manchester United
10 FW Geoff Hurst 8 December 1941 (aged 24) 4 England West Ham United
11 FW John Connelly 18 July 1938 (aged 27) 19 England Manchester United
12 GK Ron Springett 22 July 1935 (aged 30) 33 England Sheffield Wednesday
13 GK Peter Bonetti 27 September 1941 (aged 24) 1 England Chelsea
14 DF Jimmy Armfield 21 September 1935 (aged 30) 43 England Blackpool
15 DF Gerry Byrne 29 August 1938 (aged 27) 2 England Liverpool
16 MF Martin Peters 8 November 1943 (aged 22) 3 England West Ham United
17 DF Ron Flowers 28 July 1934 (aged 31) 49 England Wolverhampton
18 DF Norman Hunter 29 October 1943 (aged 22) 4 England Leeds United
19 FW Terry Paine 23 March 1939 (aged 27) 18 England Southampton
20 MF Ian Callaghan 10 April 1942 (aged 24) 1 England Liverpool
21 FW Roger Hunt 20 July 1938 (aged 27) 13 England Liverpool
22 MF George Eastham 23 September 1936 (aged 29) 19 England Arsenal



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