Richard Juhlin are working on his new book project – Champagne Hiking.

On the planning stadium RJ went trough a lot of names for this unique book:

The best champagne views in the world

The ultimate champagne travelers guide

100 most spectacular champagne places

Champagne hiking to the extreme

Champagne and Nature

Champagne travel

Champagne travel

Juhlins Champagne Hiking around the world

Richard Juhlin Champagne Hiking


After the success with champagne epic ‘A Scent of Champagne’ I felt it first as I was done with champagne books. However, I have for many years had a dream to combine my knowledge with Champagne the other life pleasures that I review. I have made scent-TV and it has among other things been ideas about TV series- where I travel around among the world’s finest restaurants and hotels and choose the wines for different meals. There are requests for a book about Champagne and food combined and evaluations of the world’s top hotels and restaurants. At the same time, I wonder what the next step in the evolution of Champagne enjoyment can be. I have now come to the conclusion that the circumstances surrounding the drinking occasion is the most important for the enjoyment and simultaneously struck by how unexplored this subject is.

Since I and my best friends have, throughout our Champagne-enjoying life, made  a pilgrimage to the beautiful and exciting places and drunk our best Champagnes in harmony with the beauty of nature, I have with time come to analyze what makes a particular Champagne tastes optimally in a specific location so the knowledge of substance is deep. Therefore, I have finally caught on to this lovely book idea.norge 15 075


My 100 favorite Champagnes drinking outdoors are paired with my 100 favorite places on earth (but always with a beautiful view). Champagnes has to be on the market. Each Champagne may only participate once and no account is taken of different vintages.

SETUP The book begins with personal espousal text about my interest in geography, nature and the environment. I season it with my interest in sports and outdoor activities, and how much I love to enjoy Champagne and nature preceded by physical activity. Most preferably Champagne Hiking, a long trek to the bubbling goal. Then the general text of Champagne. Since detailed assessment of the conditions that should exist for a Champagne will be the most enjoyable. For example, I write about the conditions that affect the experience of Champagne as, temperature, sunlight, altitude, humidity, wind conditions, air quality, season, time of day, the smells of the place, gastronomy, glass, personal emotional state, picnic opportunity , hardship , company etc.

Then follows a philosophical analytical evaluation of what makes us enthralled by a certain place and a view. What is a view? Here I have a lot of new and interesting to convey hopefully. Then I motivate my personal site selection formed the suitability of the site from different aspects, the site’s beauty and interesting identity, self-perceived nostalgic memories, etc. The sites are a mix of restaurants, hotels and known and unknown natural places in the open. These aspects together lead to that there is a clear dominance of the European places and because of the climatic conditions, extremely few tropical or very cold places in the book.




  1. Torsviksberget (Lidingö, Sweden)
  2. Vörringsfossen (Eidsfjord, Norway)
  3. Table nr 24 Sölleröd Kro (Sölleröd, Denmark)
  4. Sharow Bay (Lake District, Scotland)
  5. Tour d´Argent (Paris, France)
  6. Abbey Hautvillers (Hautvillers, France)
  7. The foot of Matterhorn (Zermatt, Switzerland)
  8. Hotel Splendido, (Portofino, Italy)
  9. Roof top view (New York, USA)
  10. Restaurant Petrus Hong Kong top view (Hong-Kong




photo cred Pål Allan

photo cred Freddy Persson



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