CHAMPAGNE GOSSET 15 Ans de Cave a minima – a gem from another century… Cellared last century, Champagne GOSSET new cuvée, a masterpiece crafted by time, has been brought up from the cool shades of the house cellars after resting for over 15 years.  Eager to share an experience typically reserved for the lucky few, Jean-Pierre Mareigner, the house cellar master for over 30 years, deliberately abandoned this rare champagne and left the bottles to enjoy a long period of ageing. Combining wines from several harvests, this wine expresses Gosset’s true spirit and personality rather than focusing on a single vintage.

RC_Alf & Petter 201508_CM1_3693

Jean Pierre Mareigner selected Pinot Noirs from Ambonnay, Aÿ, and Mareuil/Aÿ and Chardonnays from Mesnil/Oger, Cramant and Villers-Marmery. Each varietal bestows the qualities of finesse, structure and depth required for the wine to retain its freshness over time.


‘After a prolonged ageing in the tranquillity of the cellars at a depth of more than 18 metres, the wine attains a new pinnacle of quality, an unprecedented balance between vitality and maturity. The revelation of great aromatic complexity is followed by a lively, intense and long palate. This is underpinned by an ever-present freshness and unabashed youthfulness. Indeed, far from developing the wine in a linear fashion, the impact of extended ageing on lees, especially under the effect of malic acid, slows down and even suspends the course of time. The wine, thus protected from oxidation, evolves harmoniously: the original richness, patiently refined, finally reveals a smooth, creamy and sensual character.In the glass, 15 ans a minima has a deep golden hue with extremely fine bubbles. Aromas of yellow fruit combine quickly with biscuit and sweet spices, developing into a complex, powerful and luxurious aromatic palate. The mouth seduces at first taste by the full, rich, fruity body. The exceptionally long finish ends with a typically house styled freshness. It is the perfect match with rich, flavourful truffle-based dishes, mushrooms and red metas.’


Cellared last century, Champagne GOSSET new cuvée, a masterpiece crafted by time, has been brought up from the cool shades of the house cellars after resting for over 15 years. With this new cuvée, the oldest winery in Champagne reveals a gem from the past century to anyone who appreciates the finest Champagne…
• Blend: 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir
• Cellared in 1999
• Dosage: 7g/l


Pris: 899:-
Art nr: 90332
Tilldelning: Endast en flaska / kund
Lansering: Web
Datum: 22 September 2016

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